News*New* SM K33 Micron SB V2 by Zsolt – 2021 Series!

*New* SM K33 Micron SB V2 by Zsolt – 2021 Series!

The ONLY and REAL Super Tuned Micron in the Market!!!
Tuned and assembled by professionals, there is nothing comparable.

NOW AVAILABLE for preorders in two versions!

SM K33 SB 0.18mm price on request.  


*new* SM K33 Cmc- PLUS 0.18mm and 0.23mm  price on request  


The new SM K33 series will have the original Iwata chrome (nichel) coatings this time and the same modification as the collector edition series.
The Golden edition of the SM K33 micron (Kolibri & Bee) was a unique series of 35 pieces made to celebrate the releasing of the first super tuned Iwata micron series available in the market and we wanted to give them a “special outfit” to make each one of them a tremendous and unique tool and looks like we have got 35 very happy artists and colleagues from all around the world that are enjoying them!

Now let’s see what’s inside the airbrush:

1) Head System, Centred Nozzle
We want to be sure that the K33 performs even better at low air pressure so in order to get the best results from the atomisation we modify each one of the micron heads so at the end we will have a perfectly centered nozzle-head.

2) K33 needle
This needle doesn’t need any more words, it works and it does the job better than any other needle available on the market. The K33 needle has a reduced clogging, thanks to the final surface smoothness. Due to the hardening process, the smooth surface lasts longer and the tip dry is reduced significantly. The paint flows very well especially at lower pressures, as the surface is so smooth we recommend to not raise the pressure over 2 bar, and spray between 1 and 1.6 bar for diluted paint. Together with the K33 micron head this is the best outcome you can get from an airbrush! 

3) “BlackDevil” Split crown cap
Hand made and coated with a special material that doesn’t allow the paint to stick on. It improves also the spray pattern compared to a standard crown cup, especially for big trigger apertures. It allows to easily back-flush the water/cleaner, mix paint in the cap without the use of external tools and most importantly, it will keep the precious K33 needle protected while allowing the view of the needle tip during the painting process.

4) Zsolt Air Valve SoftSpring
The ORIGINAL special air valve spring, softer than the original Iwata one, a MUST for every Iwata lover!  for a smoother air feeling, it also reduce the risk of tendinitis as it needs just around 70gr of pressure compared to the Iwata original spring that need 160gr.

5) “Donut” Needle packing White O’ring
To enhance the Trigger action we implement a special o’ring. It’s a hi tech material, solvent resistant, doesn’t change shape after months of use and it’s way smoother than the teflon materials used by Iwata for the new micron series.

6) Trigger and Air valve mechanism enhanced

The SM K33 Custom Micron (based on the Iwata CM SB 0,18mm)
The airbrush will come on the classic Iwata Metal Box and will include:
Airbrush SM K33
Iwata Air Filter
Side Cup
K33 Airbrush Balm

The SM K33 Plus  (based on the Iwata CM-C PLus 0,18mm) 
The airbrush will come on the classic Iwata Metal Box and will include:
Airbrush SM Plus K33
Iwata Air Filter
K33 Airbrush Balm



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