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The Foxy Studio team welcomes you to the NEW LIVE Workshops sensation!! These Courses are Recorded during our Live sessions and ready to Watch!

Live Recorded Workshops are an excellent way to learn new skills, especially if you have a busy schedule that makes it difficult to attend in-person classes. These courses are recorded during our live sessions, which means you get to experience the same quality of teaching and engagement as if you were attending in-person.

Each course is complete, covering everything from the initial sketch drawing to the final steps. This ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and can apply what you’ve learned in real-world scenarios.

To access the courses, all you need is a Facebook account to join our private channels where the videos are hosted. This means you can watch the recordings at your own pace, and even pause or rewind to take notes or review challenging sections.

Moreover, you can interact directly with Marissa, our main teacher, in the private channels. You can ask for feedback or help, and she will be available to answer your questions and offer guidance. This personalized approach ensures that you receive the support you need to succeed in your learning journey.

Finally, the videos are recorded in HD quality, ensuring that you can see every detail and technique in high definition. This is essential when learning visual skills, such as drawing or painting, where small nuances can make a significant difference in the final product.

In summary, Live Recorded Workshops offer a flexible and personalized learning experience that combines high-quality instruction with the convenience of digital access. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, these courses can help you enhance your skills and achieve your creative goals.

What our
team and Marissa offer:

A meet and greet session with everyone in the classroom, prior to the course, so you know how things work, and together we can set up the perfect home studio. The content in this online classroom is the same as if I would be teaching in a real life workshop in our studio. The biggest difference is that we are separated with a computer screen and you can take longer breaks.

This also has other big advantages

  1. Save on travel cost
  2. Save on hotel and restaurants
  3. Day off? no big deal, just catch up the next day as the live sessions will be online for a week
  4. You can work in your own tempo, but still with a pleasant pressure to get things done and follow the next instruction sessions. Opposite of pre-recorded video’s, that lack this discipline because you know it’s always there to grab.
  5. You will stay focused and in the zone, as the time in between sessions is relatively short, but long enough to give 200% of effort.
  6. You can ask endless questions during face to face sessions and in a support group throughout the workshop duration.
  7. The demonstrations are made with the utmost care and Q&A interaction, as if you were really standing next to me. We are able to watch over your shoulder too if you allow the camera.
  1. With the help of an easy control panel you can raise hands for questions, so we can easily see who needs immediate help or has questions, without interrupting each other.
  2. Phones and disturbing objects can be muted so nobody disturbs the lessons.
  3. You can make yourself comfortable and show off your own cool studio, which does not need to be bigger than 1 meter to be effective. An easel or table will do. During the Meet&Greet you can also ask for studio tips to make the perfect set up in a small or big space.
  4. You pay much less for the same content as in a real life workshop, because we can offer our services to a somewhat wider audience.
  5. You have an option for a very small extra price, to receive all colours, the board to paint on and the reference printed (2pcs), or use what you have and enjoy a discount.

Check our Zoom Setup page to get ready!

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